Waterproof and shockproof EDC field survival tool storage box

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Outdoor Shockproof Waterproof Airtight Survival Storage Case Container Carry Box dropshipping

Product description

1. 100% High quality, Rigid Plastic
2. Durable and solid, easy to carry


1. Waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof: with black silicone seal, 100% water repellent, can not be soaked in water;  if the water pressure is too strong, it leaks. Suitable to be used in the rainy days. 
2. Shock-proof: 3mm PE shockproof lining for effective protection from the impact.
3. Strength: high-strength composite materials to ensure strength.
4. Small items for easy storage, safe to carry. Remember to compare the size before buying.
5. Size: about 13 * 8 * 4 cm / 5.12 * 3.15 * 1.57 in

Package included:
1 X Storage Box


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